Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Week, Already Sick and a Freebie

I'm home on a Saturday night, running a fever, thanks to some germs picked up during my first week of school. UGH! Anyway, while my family is out with friends, I'm sitting in bed, catching up on Project Runway and Design Star, with my laptop, doing things on my "To Do" list. With the help of my family, I finished sorting my classroom library and leveling the books according to AR level (so thankful for their help!) I'm introducing my system to my students next week and wanted a poster that would be easy for them to find "good fit" books when they shop for them. Here's a poster that I'm using. I plan on coloring the circles to match the circle label I used for each book. I hope this is something you can use for your classroom!
Classroom Library Book Level Poster

Well, I'm off to watch more Tivo. Have a great week and remember to use GERM-X, alot, so you don't get sick like me. :(


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